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YGot Masturbation? The Masturbation Picture Blog does. Check back daily for links to the hottest female and male masturbation photos and videos. If you love stories about masturbation and seeing how other hot men and women play with their pussies and cocks, then you will love this sex blog.

Monday, April 04, 2005  

Oh What Music Can Do!
by Flaming June

Its a funny thing music. I mean any type of music no matter what your preferences are can have an effect on you. It helps when there's someone you are attracted to in the room.
I used to listen to Janet Jackson back in the 80's but its never really been my type of music. More of a punk/new wave fan. However I think I've become a fan for life after my little interlude with a close friend.
I was at my friend Jessica's apartment. She had just moved in and I was helping her get her place set up so I was staying the weekend. I had always thought she was attractive and being bisexual, well that happens alot. We were both in our pjs. Me, typical tank with no bra on and my baggy pj pants. Jessica, tank no bra (Oh My God her boobs are gorgeous) and little sporty pj shorts. We had already put the furniture where it had to be and we were going through her cds, albums (yes those still exist) and just being nostalgic. To celebrate the occassion we were drinking alot of wine. All we could do was laugh at the albums she had. El Debarge, Stacy Q, Culture Club, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson.
"Oh my God I love this album. Janet has this one song at the end that is sooo hot!!"
I'm really skeptical. I mean I knew some songs from the Control album but I didnt know all of them and Hot? I dunno. At any rate she puts it on and it's this jazzy r&b type of song. Well Jessica is so wired and tipsy she starts stripteasing. Lifting her shirt up and putting it back down, rolling her shorts down and back up and she was looking at me like she's NEVER looked at me before.
It's the last song on the album. At the end of the song, Janet starts talking. You can tell she's making out. The next thing I hear is Janet Jackson MOANING. Just really getting down and dirty. I realize, "Oh my God, shes having sex."
The alcohol has hit me too. I am very very turned on I just cant help myself and i start gyrating on the sofa. Not alot but enough that i feel my thong riding me. I look back at Jessica and shes acting out everything Janet is feeling. She's on the floor with her hand down the front of her shorts. I put my hand down the front of mine. My God I have NEVER done this in front of ANYONE let alone one of my friends. It just felt like we had to.
the song was over. Janet's moaning was over. The only moaning was coming from Jessica and myself.
"Hhhuh hhuh hhuhh, hhaye Mara. I cant belive... ayyye. mmmm". Thats all Jessica could get out. I really dont think there was anything else that was needed to say. I mean what could you say?
I stopped. I got down off the sofa onto the floor next to her. I took off her shorts all the way. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Thank God. I took my pj bottoms and underwear off and my top. I just laid down next to her. I put my head on her shoulder and then kissed her neck. Oh boy that set her off. She was all over the place. The screams. She was riding her fingers so deep she was THERE.
I was so in awe of watching her cum I didn't realize how far deep my fingers went. It wasn't until she looked at me and touched my hand that I felt myself lose it.
"Uhhh!! Hhhuh hhhuh hhhhuuuuuuuuhh! YESS! Fuck!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH AYEEE!!!"
She kept on kissing me as I rode out my orgasm. I couldn't believe this happened. We were both so tired we fell asleep kissing on the carpet.
I have never masturbated with someone else there. Jessica turned out to be the only person I ever masturbated with. And yes, we've done it more times since then. I guess we can thank Janet Jackson for that haha.

posted by Yanks Todd | 1:23 PM

Video Games
by Katie

When I was younger - about 19 as far as I remember - I once paid a visit to my home country of Myanmar (Burma). I went to see one of my uncles, Yotis, who lived near Kandawgyi (the Royal Lake) in the capital Yangon (Rangoon) with his wife, Talida, his son, Rashed, and his daughter, Fatelah. The latter two were both around my age, but I had never met them. ‘Katie,’ he said, ‘welcome to my home: I indeed have not much to offer thee’ [using the Myanmar (Burmese) familiar form of ‘you’, which he was entitled to do as my uncle of course] ‘but what I have is thine. I pray thee, be at home.’
After I had been there about a week, one evening Yotis and Talida were going out, leaving us together in the house. Yotis asked: ‘What are you children’ (huh! - children!) ‘going to do? We’ll be out around 3 hours’. ‘No problem, sir’, said Rashed, ‘we’ll read together or watch one of those programmes on the new television service’. Yotis, clearly, was satisfied with this and he and his wife went off happily - to have dinner with some friends near the Swedagon Pagoda, they told us.
Immediately after they had left, Rashed said, ‘Well…what do you two girls want to do? Shall we watch a video?’ I shrugged - all videos, I thought, were the same to me - and I had no better suggestion, Yangon in those days not having much to offer young people of our age in the way of night-life.
Rashed turned the lights off and lit a dozen candles, which he spread around the room. He invited us to sit in the armchairs, and then - much to my surprise - lit a ‘joint’ which he proceeded to light and to pass round the three of us in turn. I had tasted it before, but this was strong stuff - straight from the Golden Triangle to the north-east of us. I started to become woozy and light-headed, as did my companions, and we started laughing - at what, none of us had the slightest idea!
Rashed was a good-looking young man - tall, slim, short dark hair, a pale skin, muscular thighs, and - I couldn’t help noticing! - a delightful, neat, firm backside. Fatelah was, I suppose, equally attractive in her way: like many Burmese women, she had long, dark, gleaming hair, atop a roundish but pale face, laughing black eyes, and was certainly not fat, but had generous breasts and a large behind, with long, firm, muscular thighs.
Rashed said, ‘OK, girls, I’ll start the video.’ I settled back, delightfully light-headed with the effects of the dope, and vaguely wondered what the video would be. It was called, as far as I remember, ‘Coming Together’, and I thought that that was a bit of a strange title but thought nothing more of it. It started with a shot of a handsome, hairy guy in his 30s and a big, buxom, European blonde of about the same age, cuddling on a bed. When they started to undress each other and to reveal all the parts of their anatomy, I pretty quickly realised what kind of video this was!
I actually became a little bit anxious because - having watched one or two films of this type in Europe - I knew that I got very sexually excited by them and I always ended up having to make myself come. What worried me now therefore was how I was going to cope with two other people in the room!
The woman in the video started to lick the guy’s penis from top to bottom: it was as hard as steel, solid, erect, straining, and I could immediately feel my breasts start to tingle and my pussy to become itchy. I crossed my legs in my jeans, so I could at least give it some comforting pressure between my thighs. Casually, I looked at my two companions - and was pretty reassured by what I saw! Rashed was rubbing an enormous bulge in his trousers, and Fatelah had pushed her skirt up and had one hand between her legs over her panties, while the other was rubbing her breasts.
‘This’, I thought to myself, ‘could be OK….’ Unabashed, now that I had seen what they were doing, and relaxed by the dope, I uncrossed my legs, unfastened and unzipped my jeans, opened my thighs a little, and pushed one hand down behind my panties, down to where my pussy was tingling wet. I was able to massage her with a palm of one hand, to relieve the ache she was beginning to feel.
On the video, matters were progressing swiftly. The woman was sucking in the guy’s huge erection into her mouth, and was greasing it with her spittle, so that as she drew upwards, the purple, engorged head looked enticingly glistening and ready to spurt. He then lay the woman on her back, opened her thighs and pushed them back right over her head, exposing a gaping slit with large, glistening lips, which he proceeded to lick all round, ending up at her clit, which he tongued fast. The woman was screaming, her head thrown back, obviously enjoying the feast she was providing to her screen lover.
Rashed had by now opened his jeans and pushed them and his underpants down around his knees, allowing one of the most gigantic tools I had ever seen to curve its purple-headed way up towards his stomach. He was unashamedly rubbing it slowly, with the whole fist of one hand, up and down its enormous length, from balls to wet, gleaming tip.
Fateleh was equally unabashed, and I noticed that she stole little glances at me, to watch what I was doing - whereas Rashed was focused entirely on the screen and his enormous penis. She had placed one leg over each arm of her chair, had hoisted her skirt up to her waist, had pushed her pants down and off her feet, and had one finger firmly ensconced inside her pussy.
My poor little slit was getting hotter and wetter with every second that passed. It was not only the video that excited me but the presence of two other people in the same room as I engaged in the same act as I and whom I was watching and who were watching me! I had never masturbated in public before and had never seen anyone else in the flesh (as it were) doing so - except for my sister when I was much younger. I undid my top and my bra, and started to rub my small, firm breasts and my hot, erect nipples with one hand. I tweaked them between my thumb and forefinger, till they were nut-hard and aching with desire. I could see Fateleh was mirroring my actions. I copied her too, taking off my jeans and pants completely, spreadeagling my short, slender thighs across each arm of my chair, allowing me unfettered access to my pussy, which by now was drenching wet. As I rubbed one finger up and down it, I could feel the sopping, drenching wetness and was aware of my hot, throbbing clit, clamouring for attention - but I refused to touch that, knowing from past experience that that was a surefire way of coming more or less instantly, and I wanted to last a while!
The video was gaining in intensity. The woman had by now seated herself firmly on the guy’s muscular instrument, with the broad, muscular cheeks of her backside towards the camera, revealing a puckered, pinkish-brown little hole between them, as the penis thrust itself up and down inside her pussy. She pushed herself up and down that pole more and more quickly, screaming with wild little cries that echoed around the room in which the three of us were sitting.
Glancing over at Rashed, I could see that he had abandoned the use of his whole fist for his thumb and forefinger only, rubbing just the purple, engorged tip quite fast. Despite the dim light, I could see his juices making the top glisten in the candlelight. Fateleh had also changed her technique. She was now rocking backwards and forwards on the whole of her hand, buried between the hairy lips of her pussy. Faster and faster she rocked, her breath coming in quick gasps: she was nearing her climax it seemed.
I too was not going to be able to hold on much longer: I was still continuing my favourite up-and-down movement of one finger between the lips of my hot, wet little slit, but doing it faster, sometimes pushing a finger in and out of my pussy hole. But then I could leave my throbbing, engorged clit alone no more, aching for comfort as she was. I rubbed a finger round and round on her, feeling as I did so the fullness in my pussy getting ready to climax.
The couple on the screen had changed positions. The man had now lain the woman on her back and was thrusting his massive organ in and out of her sopping wet hole, accompanied by loud gurgling, slurping sounds. He moved faster and faster until - unusually for such videos in my limited experience - she screamed and shuddered in the throes of an apparently real orgasm, after which the man suddenly pulled out, sat astride her stomach, rubbed himself a few times, and spurted what must have been a dozen gobs of white cum over her massive breasts. She rubbed this around and around them, making them wet and white.
At the same time, Rashed had resumed his whole fist action on his gigantic, engorged tool and was pumping it up and down furiously until suddenly but soundlessly he spurted all over his stomach, up to his chin, the muscles of his whole body clenching. Fateleh’s rocking was clearly achieving its intended effect too for she equally suddenly threw her head back with a quiet cry, while the visible effects of her orgasm could be seen in the clenching of the muscles of her stomach.
That just left me and my little slit….last but not least - by any manner of means! I rubbed my clit finger round and round faster and faster, still rubbing my hard nipples with my other hand, until at last I could feel my orgasm starting from my ankles and moving up my legs, still spread across the arms of my chair. The muscles of my whole body tightened, my back arched, as the sudden warm wave arrived, and I - and only I! - screamed rapturously as the whole of my pussy convulsed in spasms of joy.
The video was by now showing another scene, of another couple, doing the same things only in different positions, as we all distinctly heard a key in the lock of the front door: Yotis and Talida were back! Within five seconds, the television was showing a documentary about the (supposedly) wondrous achievements of the Myanmar Government (the staple diet) and there were three young people in the room, watching it avidly, fully dressed. ‘Hullo, you three…had a good evening?’ was the question...but no reply was to be heard from the three apparently sleeping figures, sprawled across three armchairs, fully dressed.

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